Imagination at work.

Garden Basket

An image of a market garden was enhanced through filters and effects to give it an appearance of painted canvas.

A photo of a basket of vegetables was deep etched, then positioned over the market garden.

The final image was used as the background image for a book cover.

Sheffield Museum

Before the Sheffield Museum was renovated, an artists impression was created. This allowed Kentish Council to
see an image of the end product prior to ordering materials and contractors.

Original photo
Artists impression
Backyard Blitz

When a local backyard was to be transformed into garden rooms an artist impression was commissioned. The property owner could then visualize how the pergola would look before the timber was purchased.
After the timber construction was completed, two individual photos were taken then digitally joined together, allowing a panoramic view of the finished work.

Digital enhancement was used on the pathway to tidy up the edges and grass was digitally added to the lawn area.
Artists impression
Panoramic view
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